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Grain Producers Australia Concerned Merger Between Intergrain and Australian Grain Technologies Will Impact Plant Breeding Programs

Plentiful Rainfall Across Australia to Help Winter Grain Yields

Australia Increases Wheat Production Forecast 16% For 2016/17 Season

Australian Grain Industry Rebounds With Bumper Harvest Following Two Years of Drought

South Australian Grain Produces Prepare For Predicted Record Harvest

Western Australian Grain Harvest on Track For 14 Million Tons

Australia's Record Wheat Harvest Shows Regional Divide in Crop Quality

Australian Wheat Suppliers May Regain Asian Market Share From Black Sea Due to Predicted Record Harvest

Report Shows Australian Ethanol Mandate Caused Consumers to Spend $85 Million More on Gasoline in 2014-15

Western Australian Grain Harvest Forecast Decreases 18% Due to Significant Frost Damage

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