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Fire and Wind Cause 500, 000-Ton Grain Loss in Australia

Anti-GM Legislation Prohibiting GM Crops to be Repealed in Western Australia

Wildfires Across Western Australia Projected to Destroy 4% of Grain Output

Australian Bushfires Claim Four Lives and Destroy Bumper Crops

Saudi Arabia Wheat Production Decreases, Giving Australian Wheat Producers Opportunity For Exports

Australian Parliament Committee Chooses Not to Pursue Higher Blended Biofuels Mandate

El Nino Cuts South Australian Grain Crop by 500,000 Tons to 7.1 Million Tons

Unstable Weather Patterns Bring Early Harvest and Poor Grain Quality to Southeastern Australia

Rain and Lightning Delay Grain Harvest in Western Australia

Six Australian Men Accused of Stealing $15 Million Worth of Grain Plead Not Guilty

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