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Australian State Parliamentary Committee Rejects Bill to Mandate Ethanol Blended Fuels (ABC Rural)

Biofuels Association of Australia: Imported Biodiesels Strangling Domestic Operators (Courier Mail)

Australia Eyes Ambitious Dam Building Plans to Boost Agriculture (Reuters)

Australian Wheat Crop Seen Falling Short From Frost and Hail Damage (Bloomberg)

Opportunity For Australian Wheat to Increase Market Share in Japan (ABC Rural)

Australian Grain Growers Assess Rain, Hail Damage From Weekend Storms (ABC Rural)

Victorian Farmers Federation Celebrates Win With Shortened Grain Payment Terms (North Queensland Register)

Severe Weather Causes Widespread Damage to Australian Crops (Yahoo News)

Australian Growers Report 2014-15 Canola Production Remains Solid (North Queensland Register)

Biofuels Are The Forgotten Element in Australia's Renewable Energy Sector (T&L News)

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