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Bayer Reports Successful Tests For K-Obiol Grain Protectant (The Land)

Australian Wheat Exports Shrink to Five-Year Low as Output Forecast Drops 6.1% (Bloomberg)

Australian Grain Transporters State Need For Railroad Transparency to Solve Ongoing Issues (North Queensland Register)

Grain Producers South Australia Group Urges Improved Communication Among Farmers to Prevent Grain Harvest Fires (ABC Rural)

Australian Wheat Farmers in Frost Prone Areas Plan Sowing Dates to Avoid Weather Damage (ABC Rural)

Australian Grain Shortage Following Poor Growing Season May Jeopardize Organic Industry Expansion (ABC Rural)

Australian National Wheat Harvest Expected to Be Down 18% Following Dry Conditions, Frost, and Hot Temperatures (ABC Rural)

Asian Flour Millers Look to Purchase Canadian Spring Wheat Following Australian Drought (Business Recorder)

South Australia Experiences Above Average Harvest in Typically Marginal Crop States (ABC Rural)

Australian Research Shows New Understanding of Wheat Virus Disease Cycle Can Improve Control Options (Phys.Org)

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