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U.S. Attorney For KS Will Not File Charges Against Bartlett Grain Company For 2011 Fatal Grain Elevator Explosion in Atchison, KS

Families of 2011 Bartlett Grain Elevator Explosion Victims Criticize Decision Not Press Criminal Charges

Families Still Mourn Six Victims Killed in Bartlett Grain Elevator Explosion in 2011

Bartlett Grain and Great Bend, KS Firefighters Receive High-Point Rope Rescue Training

Bartlett Grain in Great Bend, KS to Increase Grain Storage Capacity by Two Million Bushels

Humboldt, NE Volunteer Fire Department Received Grain Bin Rescue Tube From Bartlett Grain Co.

Bartlett Grain Company Constructs New Shuttle-Loading Facility in Great Bend, KS

Bartlett Grain Opens $20 Million Train-Loading Facility in Great Bend, KS (GB Tribune)

Bartlett Grain Scheduled to Open New Elevator in Great Bend, KS in Early May (Hays Post)

Bartlett Milling Company Issues Horse Feed Recall in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee (WDBJ)

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Bartlett and Company

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