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Brazil Likely to Import More U.S. Ethanol Due to Poor Sugarcane Production and Dry Weather (Farm Futures)

U.S. Ethanol Industry Urges Washington State to Not Adopt Low Carbon Fuels Standard For Brazilian Sugarcane (Capital Press)

HighQuest Consulting Study Shows Soybean Transportation Is More Predictable in U.S. Than Brazil and Argentina (AgriMarketing)

Brazil Predicts Record 2015 Grain Harvest of 198 Million Tons (Presna Latina)

UNICA: Brazil Gasoline Price Hike Unlikely to Raise Ethanol Demand (Reuters)

Brazil's Soy Exporters Await Payment Offer From Monsanto (Reuters)

Monsanto, Soy Exporter Royalties Dispute Rages on in Brazil

IBGE Report: Brazil Expects Record Grain Harvest

Brazil Soy Exporters to Police Monsanto Biotech Seeds (Reuters)

U.S. and Brazil Settle Cotton Case; GSM 102 Credit Guarantees Affected

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