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Brazil Truckers Resume Roadblocks Despite Government Crackdown and Promises to Lower Toll Costs (Reuters)

Brazil Meat Exports Get Boost From Rise in Fast Food Restaurants in China (World News)

Soybean Transportation Costs Mixed in U.S.; Lower in Brazil

Brazil Police Clear Highway, But Protest Over High Fuel and Toll Prices Continues (Global Post)

Brazil Truckers Continue Protest in Demand of Lower Fuel and Toll Prices, Causing Gas and Product Shortages (ABC News)

Premier Tech Chronos Signs Agreement with Almeida Martins to Expand Into Brazil

Brazil Truck Drivers Block Roads In Protest of High Diesel Prices; Grain Trucks Unable to Break Blockade (Maritime Executive)

Evofuel Expands Castor Activity in Brazil with Insolo

Bangladesh Fears Incoming Wheat Shipment From Brazil May Contain Vomitoxin (Dhaka Tribune)

Bunge CEO Says Brazil Sugar and Ethanol Milling Industry Conditions Improving (Bloomberg)

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