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Brazil to Offer Loans to Help Ethanol Producers Increase Inventory and Ease Price Swings

Brazil to Harvest Record Soybean Acreage; Doubts Remain About Yield Potential

BASF and Embrapa Launch Cultivance Production System in Brazil

Brazil Consumption of Hydrous Ethanol Reaches All-Time High in July

Ships Arriving in Brazil Ports For Corn and Soybeans Indicates Strong Export Demand

Pakistan Importers Negotiate Purchase of 66,000 Tons of Soybeans From U.S. or Brazil

Brazil Ethanol Exports to U.S. Double in July to Highest Level Since January

Gratt Industria de Maquinas Plans to Build First Sweet Potato-Based Ethanol Plant in Brazil

Monsanto to Face Brazilian Resistance If Syngenta Takeover Successful (Business Insider)

UNICA Urges EPA to Boost Advanced Biofuel Quota Citing Brazilian Exports (Biofuels Digest)

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