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Brazil Government to Decide on New Ethanol Blending Mix in February (See News Renewables)

Brazil Government to Approve Ethanol Blending Increase to 27.5% (Nasdaq)

Brazil Ethanol Industry Applauds Government Plans to Resore Gasoline and Diesel Taxes (Fox News)

Brazil Ethanol Mills Benefitting From Governmental Gas Price Control (Bloomberg)

Cosan Sugarcane Processor Advances as Brazilian Gas Tax Boost Creates Bright Outlook For Ethanol

Boeing and Embraer Open Sustainable Aviation Biofuels Research Center in Brazil (Avionics Today)

Brazil Government Announces Plans to Improve Ports to Assist in Transport of Record Grain Harvest (Rio Times)

Shell and Raizen Joint Venture to Invest $1 Billion For Eight Ethanol Plants in Brazil (Yahoo Finance)

Brazil Posts First Annual Trade Deficit Since 2000 Following Slowed Economic Growth (Euronews)

Brazil Officials, Monsanto Over Soybean Seed

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