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ADM Celebrates Expansion, Modernization at Brazilian Port of Santos

Brazilian Government Establishes New Rule For Ethanol Imports

Brazil Government to Adopt Measures Against U.S. Ethanol Imports to Protect Domestic Producers

Brazil Strengthens Requirements For Ethanol Imports to Protect Domestic Producers

Brazil Mining and Energy Minister Says Protection, Not Tariffs Will Help Protect Ethanol Industry Against U.S. Imports

Brazilian Scientists Discover Salicylic Acid Can Help Cowpea Be More Drought Tolerant

Brazil's Foreign Trade Board Postpones Ethanol Import Duty Decision Until June

Renewable Fuels Association Commends Brazil For Backing Off Plan to Increase Value Added Tax on U.S. Ethanol

Dow Merger With DuPont Gets Positive Antitrust Review in Brazil (Reuters)

U.S. March Ethanol Exports Sent Mostly to Brazil and India

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