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CHS and MKC Look at Second Kansas Rail Terminal

CHS Lake Region and CHS Milton, ND Members Vote to Merge

CHS Inc. Reports First Six-Months 2016 Net Income of $235.5 Million; Down From $471.5 Million During Same Period 2015

CHS Aligned Solutions Appoints DuWayne Thompson as National Accounts Director - Grain Marketing

CHS Inc. Faces Difficult Times Amid Commodity Market Slump and Low Oil Prices

CHS, Inc. Forecasts Further Decrease in U.S. Farm Net Income

CHS and CHS Hedging Fined $1 Million by CFTC For Inaccurately Reporting Corn and Soybean Positions

CHS Returns $519 Million Cash Distribution to Owners in 2016

CHS Donates $10,000 to Fund Grain Bin Safety Equipment and Training to Nationwide Grain Bin Safety Week

CHS Farmers Alliance Grain Dryer in Mitchell, SD Blown Over By Hurricane-Force Winds

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Winfield Solutions, LLC

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Ardent Mills Locations

CHS Cooperatives