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CHS Co-op Hopes For Relocation to Kalispell, MT in 2018

CHS Mountain West Co-op (Missoula, MT) and CHS Kalispell Plan to Merge

CHS and MKC Look at Second Kansas Rail Terminal

CHS Lake Region and CHS Milton, ND Members Vote to Merge

CHS Inc. Reports First Six-Months 2016 Net Income of $235.5 Million; Down From $471.5 Million During Same Period 2015

CHS Aligned Solutions Appoints DuWayne Thompson as National Accounts Director - Grain Marketing

CHS Inc. Faces Difficult Times Amid Commodity Market Slump and Low Oil Prices

CHS, Inc. Forecasts Further Decrease in U.S. Farm Net Income

CHS and CHS Hedging Fined $1 Million by CFTC For Inaccurately Reporting Corn and Soybean Positions

CHS Returns $519 Million Cash Distribution to Owners in 2016

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Winfield Solutions, LLC

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