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Small Fire Extinguished at Cargill Feed Plant in Alexander, NY

Cargill Uses Drones to Prevent Deforestation From Palm Oil Industry in Indonesia

Cargill to Acquire EWOS Global Leader in Salmon Nutrition

Cargill Completes $5 Million Expansion to Animal Nutrition Premix Plant in El Salto, Jalisco, Mexico

Cargill Completes Seed Innovation Center in Ft. Collins, CO

Cargill's Seed Innovation Facility Will Produce Canola of the Future

Cargill Posts First Loss in 14 Years Following Technological Issues and Venezuelan Currency Crash

Cargill Reports 4Q Net Loss of $51 Million; Down From $376 Million Net Income in 4Q 2014

2015 Elevator Design Conference Video: Truck Scale Automation - Improving The Customer Experience and Streamlining Operations by Todd Wiessing, Cargill, Inc., and Sean Slowinski, North Central Grain Coop

2015 Elevator Design Conference Video: Considerations for Retrofitting by Marshal Alsaker, Cargill Inc.

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