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Cargill First to Ship Grain From Non-Viterra Operated Port in South Australia (The Land)

Grain Dryer Catches Fire at Cargill Plant in Iowa Falls, IA; Two Firefighters Treated For Smoke Inhalation

Cargill Celebrates 150th Anniversary; New Website Recounting History Launched

Cargill Corn Milling Plant in Karnataka, India Expected to Begin Operations in June 2015 (Crop Site)

Cargill Reports Strong Earnings Despite Lower Grain Prices (Twin Cities)

Cargill Reports 2Q Net Income of $784 Million, Up From $556 Million in 2Q 2014

Cargill Abandons Plans to Purchase Nutreco; Cites Deal No Longer Attractive (Wall St. Journal)

New Grain Elevator For Trupointe Cooperative and Cargill to Boost Milford, IN Agricultural Economy (Journal Gazette)

Trupointe Cooperative and Cargill to Contruct $30 Million Train-Loading Facility in Milford, IN as Part of Joint Venture

Trupointe Cooperative and Cargill Joint Venture to Build $30 Million Grain Elevator in Kosciusko County, IN (Journal Gazette)

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