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China Gives Approval to Import Syngenta MIR162 Corn Following GMO Controversy (Star Tribune)

China Purchases 900,000 Tons of Corn From U.S., Lifting GMO Ban on Crop (Bloomberg)

Syngenta Drops Lawsuit Against Bunge Following China Approval of Agrisure Viptera Corn (Reuters)

China Issues Import Approval for Viptera Corn, Soybeans (Reuters)

China Issues Import Approval For Syngenta Viperta Corn, Two Soybean Varieties

China Not Expected to Accept U.S. Corn Imports Following Anticipated Approval of GMO Crops (Reuters)

Syngenta Expects China to Approve Genetically-Modified Viptera Corn Soon (Reuters)

Reports Indicate China Has Approved Syngenta's Viptera Corn

Syngenta Sees China Approving Agrisure Viptera Corn Soon (Reuters)

China to Increase Flexibility of Grain Imports to Ensure Food Security (China Daily)

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Jiuguan OK Seed Machinery Co., Ltd

Origin Agritech Limited (China)

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Feb. 10 - 12, 2015 ... Women in Agribusiness Summit Europe ... Hotel Arts ... Barcelona, Spaine,


China Feed Industry Association (CFIA)

Origin Agritech Limited (China)