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Canadian Canola Exports to See Negative Impact Following Chinese Financial Upheaval

Cibus and Rotam to Launch Herbicide-Tolerant Rapeseed in China

Agronomix Software Inc. and China Golden Marker (Beijing) Form Strategic Alliance

Economic Downturn in China May Negatively Impact U.S. Agriculture Market

IL Soybean Market Negatively Impacted By Chinese Financial Turmoil

Cibus and Rotam to Launch Non-transgenic Rapeseed in China

Chinese Imports of DDGS Reach Record-High in July

China to Continue Stockpiling Corn For Additional Year According to Industry Analysts

Chinese Biofuels Industry Shifted Following Larger Than Expected Ethanol Production

Editorial: How Long Will China Continue to Increase Ethanol Imports

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Jiuguan OK Seed Machinery Co., Ltd

Origin Agritech Limited (China)

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April 4 - 8, 2016 ... ... ... ,

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China Feed Industry Association (CFIA)

Origin Agritech Limited (China)