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Importance of China For Grain Transportation and Logistics

China Plans to Decrease State Corn Prices to Help Struggling Corn Processors

USDA Reports Private Exports Sold 10.45 Million Bushels of Soybeans to China

Australia-China Joint Center For Post-Harvest Grain Biosecurity and Quality Research Works to Prevent Stored Grain Loss

Chinese Grain Industry Leaders Commit to Purchase $5.3 Billion of U.S. Soybeans

IA Gov. Branstad Discusses Renewable Energy at U.S. / China Governors Forum in Seattle, WA

Chinese August Imports of DDGS Rise 26% From 2014

Chinese Ethanol Imports Decrease 22% in August From July Record High

China to Decrease State Reserve Corn Prices 10% During 2015/16

Chinese Ethanol Imports Forecast to Rise in Upcoming Months

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Jiuguan OK Seed Machinery Co., Ltd

Origin Agritech Limited (China)

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China Feed Industry Association (CFIA)

Origin Agritech Limited (China)