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China May Double 2015-2016 Wheat Imports Following Damage of Local Crop From Excessive Rain (Economic Times)

Maritime Summit in Brussels Between EU, U.S. and China Boosts Cooperation

Cargill Opens Animal Nutrition Technology Application Center in Hebei, China (National Hog Farmer)

KS Farmers See Increased Demand From China For Sorghum Crop (Washington Times)

China Aims to Increase Grain Storage Capacity to 95% of Total Grain Output By 2020 (Oryza)

China Oilseed Production Forecast to Decline 3.3 Million Tons Following Reduced Government Support (Farm Futures)

KS Farmers Increase Sorghum Production Amid Chinese Demand (Kansas Ag Land)

Chinese Officials Consider Releasing "State Secret" Crop Data By End of 2015 (Agri Money)

Chinese Chemical Seed Treatment Market Trends and Forecasts 2014-2020

China School Grows Wheat Instead of Grass in Lawns (South China Morning Post)

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China Feed Industry Association (CFIA)

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