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Ukraine Tensions Could Signal Risk For China Grain Importers (CER)

China Corn Rejections Cost Companies $427 Milion (Reuters)

The Debate on GM Food Continues in China (Beijing Review)

China Soybean Imports to Drop as Bird Flu Cuts Into Demand (Reuters)

China Allows Brazil Corn Imports (Reuters)

China to Continue U.S. Grain Imports as Demand Increases (China Daily)

Lux Research Finds China Interested in Advanced Ethanol Technologies to Quench Fuel Demand

China Farmers Continue to Expand Corn Production on Domestic Buying (BusinessWeek)

Rabobank Issues Global Beef Industry 1Q 2014 Report: China Market to Lead Continued Strong Global Demand For Beef

China Rejections of U.S. Corn Top 1 Million Metric Tons (Reuters)

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Jiuguan OK Seed Machinery Co., Ltd

Origin Agritech Limited (China)

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China Feed Industry Association (CFIA)

Origin Agritech Limited (China)