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OSHA National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health Scheduled Fourth Meeting of Emergency Response and Preparedness Subcommittee ... May 16-17 ... Washington, DC

GEAPS 506: The Grain Industry in Canada - Climate, Crops and People Distance Education Course ... May 23 - June 24

Canada Funds Genomic Research

American Coalition For Ethanol Members Participate in 8th Annual Fly-In to Washington, DC

Glencore to Sell 40% Stake in Agriculture Business to Canada Pension Plan Investment Board For $2.5 Billion

GEAPS Webinar Recording: Grain Operations in Canada ... Presented by Jim McKerchar (April 13 - 65 min.)

Air Canada and Other Organizations to Introduce Shared Biofuel Research System Into Airport Supply

Sustainable Development Technology Canada Awards Comet Biorefining $10.9 Million to Construct Bio-Based Chemicals Plant

Japan Ministry of Agriculture Seeks to Purchase 126,696 Tons of Food Quality Wheat From U.S. and Canada

G3 Canada Limited Advises Grain Uses to Secure Summer Grain Supplies Early

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Columbia/Okura LLC

Columbia Seeds, LLC

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Columbia County Grain Growers

Columbia County Grain Growers, Inc. (CCGG)

Columbia Seeds, LLC

The Columbia River Coalition