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Canada Farmers Report Grain Transportation and Delivery Delays Still Persist (Star Phoenix)

Alliance Grain Traders CEO Discusses Plans to Reform Canada Transportation Act (Winnipeg Free Press)

Prices of Cattle in U.S. Sharply Increase Following Single Case of Mad Cow Disease Confirmed in Canada (Southwest Farm Press)

AOSCA Annual Meeting June June 21-24, 2015, Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada Railcar Shortages Could Cause Farmers More Than $2 Billion in Losses From Export Delays (Winnipeg Free Press)

Canada Expects $1.6 Billion in Losses as Grain Sales to U.S. and Mexico Drop Due to Export Delays (Customs Today)

Grain Sales Between Canada and U.S. Drop 35% as Trains Move Grain East and West to Meet Volume Mandates and Avoid Government Fines (Bloomberg)

Canada Transport Minister Raitt Defends Government Requirement to Increase Grain Shipping Volumes (Calgary Herald)

Canadian Grain Commission Begins Consultations on Proposal to License Western Canada Feed Mills

Difficult Winter Weather Patterns Slow Grain Rail Transportation in Canada During 2014 ( Leader-Post)

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