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Canada Boosts Wheat and Canola Forecasts Following Larger Than Projected October Harvest (Bloomberg)

Barley Council of Canada Applauds Transport Canada Announcement to Maintain Grain Transportation Minimums on Railroads (Yahoo)

BASF AgBalance and Canola Council of Canada Study Shows Substantial Improvement in Western Canada Canola Production Over Past 20 Years (Yahoo)

Poor Durum Wheat Crop in North Dakota and Canada Likely to Raise Pasta Prices (ABC News)

Wintersteiger Expands Service Points in U.S. and Canada

Canada to Maintain Rule Requiring Minimum Grain Transport Amounts Until March, 2015 (Wall St. Journal)

Canadian Government Invests in Canada Malting Barley Technical Centre Initiative

British Columbia Approves California-Based Trestle Energy to Produce Ethanol in Canada (Domestic Fuel)

Keystone Agricultural Producers Call For Mandatory Grain Price Reporting in Canada (Manitoba Cooperator)

Environmental Groups Call on Health Canada to Not Approve Flupyradifurone Insecticide

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