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Canada Grain Producers Debt Grows With Rail Backlog Duration (Globe and Mail)

Canola Council of Canada Works to Increase Export Markets

Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference ... April 21-23 ... Washington, DC

Government of Canada Invests in Grains Council

Canada Barley Cluster Gets Research Funding Boost

Canada Grain Handlers to Expand Facilities as Crops Overwhelm Transportation System (Reuters)

USDA: Canada Grain Planting Likely to Fall Due to Rail Transport Delays (Reuters)

STB Schedules Meeting in Washington, DC on U.S. Rail Service Issues (Federal Register)

Canada Producers Load Grain Onto U.S.-Bound Trucks to Get Around Backlog (Reuters)

New Canada Grain Rail Legislation Would Allow Setting Minimum Levels (Reuters)

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Columbia/Okura LLC

Columbia Seeds, LLC

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Columbia County Grain Growers

Columbia County Grain Growers, Inc. (CCGG)

Columbia Seeds, LLC

The Columbia River Coalition