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Michigan Agri-Business Association President Meets With Consulate General of Canada to Help Resolve COOL Conflict

Syngenta Canada Registers Earliest Maturity Soybean Variety

Canada Government to Not Order Railways Where to Ship Grain; Decision to Extend Minimum Requirements to Be Made Shortly (Reuters)

Canada Government Faces Decision Whether to Extend Minimum Transportation Volumes For Grain (Western Producer)

Battle River Railway in Canada Shows Continued Growth in Grain Transportation Industry (Alberta Farm Express)

Canada Government to Invest $1 Million in Alberta Wheat Commission to Develop Low-Cost Method to Increase Winter Wheat Production

Canola Council of Canada Sets Production Target of 26 Million Tons By 2025 (Western Producer)

Canada Farm Groups Call For Railroad Transportation Costs to Be Reviewed (Star Phoenix)

Optimum Agra Services President: Fewer U.S. Trucks Traveling to Canada to Transport Grain Worsened Railroad Backlog (Western Producer)

U.S. Wheat Growers Urge Canada to Reform Unfair Wheat Grading System (Western Producer)

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