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Canadian Government Invests in Canada Malting Barley Technical Centre Initiative

British Columbia Approves California-Based Trestle Energy to Produce Ethanol in Canada (Domestic Fuel)

Keystone Agricultural Producers Call For Mandatory Grain Price Reporting in Canada (Manitoba Cooperator)

Environmental Groups Call on Health Canada to Not Approve Flupyradifurone Insecticide

Food Protection Alliance Holds Tenth Annual Meeting in QC, Canada

Aplus Finetek Sensor Announces New 2-Wire DC Level Transmitter For Solids and Liquids

Canada Requests World Trade Organization Consultations With China Over Cellulose Pulp Duties (Shanghai Daily)

Alexander Co. Oat Mill in Bancroft, ID Pushes Oats as Rotation Crop to Cut Imports From Canada (CAP)

Canada Farmers Seek Answers on CWB Assets (Brandon Sun)

Perten Instruments Appoints Michael Reimer as General Manager for Canada

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Columbia/Okura LLC

Columbia Seeds, LLC

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Dec. 17 - 18, 2014 ... Missouri Agribusiness Association ... Holiday Inn Exec Center ... Columbia, MO


Columbia County Grain Growers

Columbia County Grain Growers, Inc. (CCGG)

Columbia Seeds, LLC

The Columbia River Coalition