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EU-US Trade Talks Have de facto Failed

Renewable Fuels Association to Host Free Ethanol Safety Seminars in DE and NJ

CentraSota Cooperative in Watkins, DE Donates Grain Bin Rescue Equipment to Kimball Area Fire and Rescue Department

ICM, Inc. Signs Contract With FS AgriSolution Industria de Biocombustiveis Ltda. and Summit Brazil Renewable I LLC to Design Fuel Grade Dry-Mill Corn Ethanol Plant in Brazil

Dow and DuPont to Place Headquarters in Delaware Following Merger

University of Delaware Researchers Aim to Develop Cellulosic Biofuel Using Algae

Pictures: Man Rescued After Falling Into Grain Bin in Seaford, DE

Man Hospitalized Following Fall Into Grain Silo in Seaford, DE

Gevo to Sell Isobutanol-Blended Gasoline at Harbor Marina in Lake Pomme de Terre, MO

Gratt Industria de Maquinas Plans to Build First Sweet Potato-Based Ethanol Plant in Brazil

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Delaware Dept. of Agriculture

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