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40 Firefighters Combat Grain Silo Fire in Hampshire, England

Grain Dryer and Silo Catch Fire in Longcot, England

UK Spring Wheat Yields Up 3% From 2014; Spring Barley Up Nearly 13%

Lincolnshire, England Farmer Breaks World Record For Wheat Yield Weeks After Obtaining Rapeseed Yield Record

Shropshire, UK Farmers See Trend of Higher Yields in Wheat Crop

UK House of Commons: Greenpeace, Anti-GM activists Distort Science on GMOs, Calls for Deregulation

West Sussek, UK Farmer Grows Milling Wheat Crop With Potential For British Record

UK Wheat Harvest Continues Progress as Rains Delay Some Regions

Essex, UK Farmer Emphasizes Need For Rural Cellphone Coverage Following Combine and Field Fire

UK Farmers Seeing Wheat Varieties Becoming More Susceptible to Yellow Rust

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