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UK Wheat and Barley Exports Rise to Highest Level Since November 2011 Due to Weaker Pound

UK Government Gives Farm America Grant to Enhance Eastern African Grain Trade

Acme-Hardesty Signs Distributor Agreement to Sell Green Biologics Renewable N-Butanol and Acetone

England and Wales to See Smallest Oilseed Rape Planted Area Since 2009

UK Cereal Company Weetabix Renews Pledge to Source 100% of Wheat From British Farmers

UK Farmers Find Yellow Rust on Wheat Crops; Cold Weather Snap Appears to Slow Disease Spread

HOERBIGER Group Acquires Newson Gale, UK

GM Sterile Insects Should be Given UK Field Trials

UK Scientists Sequence Red Clover Genome for a More Robust and Reliable Crop

Will EU's Opt-out Policy Pave the Way for GM crops in England?

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British and Irish Flour Milling Companies

New England Grain & Feed Association