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Good Year For UK Wheat and Barley (Soyatech)

UK Farmers Say Food Self-Sufficiency in Long-Term Decline (Guardian)

UK Farmers Harvesting Early Thenks to Favorable Weather (WMN)

UK Could Be Net Wheat Exporter on Bumper Crop (Grocer)

UK Wheat Production Could Be Biggest Since 2008 (Farmers Weekly)

UK Helps Fund Construction of Celtic Renewables Distillery Waste Biofuels Facility (TDB)

UK Parties Argue of Proposed New Farm Tax (NDJ)

UK Wheat Exports Lowest Since 1979 (Bloomberg)

Precise Technology, Regulatory Scrutiny Make GM Crops Safer Than Conventional - UK Environment Official

Newly Engineered 18th Century Windmill in UK Will Follow Wind to Grind Flour More Consistently (WSG)

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British and Irish Flour Milling Companies

New England Grain & Feed Association