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UK Wheat Exports Decrease in December 2016 as Market Loses Competitive Edge

UK May Allow GM Crops After Brexit

UK Government Gives Go-Ahead For Planting New Experimental GM Wheat Variety

UK Scientists Develop Synthetic Molecule That May Boost Wheat Yields 20%

UK Feed Wheat Sees First Annual Average Price Increase Since 2012

Farm Business Survey Shows More Than 90% of England's Farmers Did Not Profit From 2015 Winter Wheat Crop

The UK Public is Finally Coming Round to GM Crops

UK Wheat Exports Slow Significantly Following Rapid Start

Man Dies in Totnes, England After Grain Bin Engulfment

UK Farmers Produce Milling Wheat With Highest Quality Levels Since 2003

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British and Irish Flour Milling Companies

New England Grain & Feed Association