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Stanford Scientists Develop Method to Produce Ethanol Without Corn (Des Moines Register)

NE Ethanol Producers Could Profit By Shipping CO2 to Wyoming ( World-Herald)

U.S. and Brazil Ethanol Producers Form Unlikely Alliance on Exports (Kearney Hub)

Stanford Scientists Develop Catalyst to Produce Ethanol From Carbon Monoxide

Fiberight Begins Converting Former Ethanol Plant in Blairstown, IA to Produce MSW Biofuel (Gazette)

POET-DSM to Begin Producing Cellulosic Ethanol in July as EPA Considers Cutting RFS (BusinessWeek)

Biomass Logistics Works With IA Producers to Harvest Corn Stover For Cellulosic Ethanol (Chronicle Times)

EIA: Ethanol Producers Benefiting From Higher DDGS Margins

Analysis: Costs and Benefits of Producing Cellulosic Ethanol (Des Moines Register)

Ethanol Producers Voice Frustration With EU Trade Policy at NEC (Platts)

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