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NE Corn Producers Sue Over Aventine Use of Sugar For Ethanol Production at Aurora Facility (Reuters)

Cellulosic Ethanol Technologies and Syngenta Collaborate to Produce First Cellulosic Ethanol in Iowa

Quad County Corn Processors Produces First Gallons of Cellulosic Ethanol in Iowa at Ethanol Plant in Galva

Newly Restarted Vireol Bio Energy Ethanol Plant in Hopewell, VA Steadily Producing Ethanol Since April ( Progress-Index)

Vietnam Ethanol Producers Not Faring Well Due to Low Domestic Demand (VietnamNet)

Tyton BioEnergy to Restart Former Clean Burn Fuels Facility in Hoke County, NC to Produce Ethanol From Tobacco (NCTechNews)

Stanford Scientists Develop Method to Produce Ethanol Without Corn (Des Moines Register)

NE Ethanol Producers Could Profit By Shipping CO2 to Wyoming ( World-Herald)

U.S. and Brazil Ethanol Producers Form Unlikely Alliance on Exports (Kearney Hub)

Stanford Scientists Develop Catalyst to Produce Ethanol From Carbon Monoxide

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