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India Ethanol Producers Need Government to Release Control of Molasses For Production (Hindu Business Line)

International Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo to Attract Record-Breaking Number of Ethanol Producers

Argentina Ethanol Producers Urge Government to Increase Fuel Blend to 12% (Platts)

Aventine Renewable Energy Moves First Rail Shipment of Ethanol Produced at Aurora, NE Facility to Birmingham, AL (Journal Star)

IA Ethanol Producers Push State Lawmakers Regarding State Supreme Court Ruling Against Industry (Siouxland News)

United Wisconsin Grain Producers Ethanol Plant in Friesland, WI Celebrates 10 Years in Business (WI Ag Connection)

Scientists Experiment With Microbe to Produce Ethanol From Switchgrass Without Pre-Treatment (News Wise)

India Oil Marketing Companies Likely to Receive Five-Year License to Produce Ethanol For Fuel Blending (Hindu Business Line)

Quad County Corn Processors Produces One Millionth Gallon of Cellulosic Ethanol Using Cellerate Process Technology at Galva, IA Facility

India Petroleum Ministry to Purchase Ethanol Produced By Sugarcane Growers (Hindu)

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Ethanol Producer Magazine

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