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E15 Fuel Now Offered in South Florida Through Protec Fuel and Caraf Oil

Registration Now Open For AFIA Purchasing and Ingredient Suppliers Conference ... Orlando, FL ... Mar. 11-13

AFIA Purchasing and Ingredient Suppliers Conference ... Orlando, FL ... March 11-13, 2015

Florida State University Researchers Discover 4-Stranded Elements of Maize DNA (Florida State News)

OPIS Jobber University ... Dec. 4-5 ... Orlando, FL

E-15 Fuel Pumps Open in Ft. Myers, FL (NBC)

Growth Energy President Congratulates Protec on Offering E15 in FL

Gevo Signs Letter of Intent With Highlands EnviroFuels to License Isobutanol Technology For Florida Plant

Florida State University Research Shows How Plants Adapt and Survive Environmental Swings

U.S. Millers Study Southeast Asia Milling Industry at NAMA Annual Meeting in Palm Beach, FL (Baking Business)

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Florida Feed Association, Inc.

Wolf & Wolf Seeds

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July 9 - 11, 2015 ... Florida Feed Association Convention and Annual Meeting ... Hyatt Regency ... Bonita Springs, FL


Florida East Coast Railway Company

Florida Feed Association, Inc.

Florida Sweet Corn Exchange