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OPIS Jobber University ... Dec. 4-5 ... Orlando, FL

Michigan-Florida I-75 Green Corridor Offers Practical Solution For Biofuel Travel

Southeast Renewable Fuels Advanced Biofuels Plant in Highlands County, FL Scheduled to Begin Operations in 2015 (Highlands Today)

Aquatech Bioenergy Considers Moving From SD to FL or TX ( News-Journal)

OPIS Fuel Hedging University ... May 8-9 ... Orlando, FL

University of Florida Researchers Study Eucalyptus as Biomass Biofuel Feedstock

International Biomass Conference and Expo ... March 24-26 ... Orlando, FL

2014 NAMA Division Meetings ... March 8-11 ... Marco Island, FL

Algenol CEO Seeks Apology From Lee County, FL Commissioner Over Jobs Comments ( News-Press)

Lee County, FL Commissioner Questions Whether Algenol Has Created Promised Jobs (NaplesNews)

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Florida Feed Association, Inc.

Wolf & Wolf Seeds

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Florida East Coast Railway Company

Florida Feed Association, Inc.

Florida Sweet Corn Exchange