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France Heatwave Causes Fires in Fields, Delaying Grain Harvest (Reuters)

French Wheat Exports Increase Following Decreased Quality (Business Recorder)

French Silo Operator Senalia to Resume Receiving Wheat Deliveries (Economic Times)

Egypt to Import 300,000 Metric Tonnes of Wheat to Arrive In June (Daily News Egypt)

Total to Convert La Mede Refinery to France's First Biodiesel Plant (Hydrocarbon Processing)

French Farmers Warn of Crop, Job Losses as Total Proposes Biodiesel Plant Using Recycled Oils (Reuters Africa)

France Farmers Plant Most Wheat in 60 Years as Prices Continue Recovery (Bloomberg)

France Ships First Wheat Shipment to Philippines in 12 Years Amid Euro Decline (Business World Online)

Global Bioenergies Produces Second Generation Isobuetne From Waste Biomass

France Increases Wheat Export Forecast Following Strong Sales to Egypt (AgriMoney)

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