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Global Bioenergies Announces First Successful Isobutene Production Trial

France Farmer-Owned Cooperative Group InVivo Working With ADM on Grain Sourcing (Business Recorder)

France's Socomac Closes Wheat Silos as Grain Piles Up (Bloomberg)

France Soft Wheat Exports Likely Down 15% on Low Quality (Bloomberg)

Perten Instruments Inframatic 9500 NIR Grain Analyzer Officially Approved in France, Czech Republic, and Serbia

France Importing Wheat as Rain Hits Crop Quality (Reuters)

France Wheat Quality Expected Down Due to Untimely Rain (Bloomberg)

France Wheat and Barley Facing Unprecedented Levels of Yellow Rust (Bloomberg)

Farmers Vow to Fight Latest French GM Corn Ban

The Alcohol School 2014 ... Toulouse, France ... April 7-11

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RAGT (France)

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RAGT Semences (France)