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Mennel Milling Co. to Purchase General Mills Bakery Mix and Packaging Plant in Martel, OH

General Mills Enters Partnership With South Dakota State University to Form Oat Study Research Laboratory

General Mills Issues Voluntary Recall of 10 Million Ponds of Flour Due to Possible E.coli Outbreak

General Mills to Bring Nationwide Labeling of GMO Products Ahead of Scheduled Labeling Law in VT

General Mills to Accelerate Committment to More Than Double Organic Acreage For Ingredients

General Mills Reports 2Q 2016 Net Income of $530 Million; Up From $346 Million in 2Q 2015

General Mills Molecular Biologist/Bioinformatics Specialist Discusses Gluten Complexities During Presentation Sponsored By Kansas Wheat Commission

Jordan Silos and Supply General Company Seeks 25,000 Tons of Hard Milling Wheat

General Mills Commits to 28% Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Over Next Decade

2015 Elevator Design Conference Video: Managing Construction Contractors Panel Discussion ... Jim Gales, CHS Inc., Mark Fedje, General Mills, and Ross McEllhiney, Louis Dreyfus Commodities

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General Mills Inc.

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General Mills Inc.