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Georgia Farmer Randy Dowdy Wins National Corn Yield Contest With 503 Bushels Per Acre Crop (Southeast Farm Press)

Russia Limits Wheat Exports to Georgia; Country Has Two-Month Supply of Wheat (Trend)

University of Georgia Study: Brachytic Sorghum Matches Corn Silage in Amount of Milk Produced by Cows (Hay and Forage Grower)

Jury Awards Damages to AGSouth Genetics and University of Georgia Research Foundation in Wheat Seed Case (Southeast Farm Press)

Flint Hills Resources to Acquire Southwest Georgia LLC Ethanol Plant in Camilla, GA

GIPSA Designates Official Service Providers for Georgia, Montana (Federal Register)

FlexFuel Awareness Campaign Completes Alternative Fuels Promotion in Georgia

Flex-Fuel Vehicles and Ethanol Featured at Georgia Alternative Fuel Road Rally (Domestic Fuel)

University of Georgia Researchers Engineer Microbes to Convert Biomass Directly to Fuel

Georgia Tech Renames Institute of Paper Science and Technology Renewable Bioproducts Institute

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Fenner Dunlop Americas

Georgia Crop Improvement Association

Georgia Feed & Grain Association

Georgia Ports Authority

North Georgia Turf, Inc.

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Georgia Ag Commodity Commission for Corn

Georgia Crop Improvement Association

Georgia Department of Agriculture

Georgia Duck-Enerka

Georgia Ports Authority

University of Georgia