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Lansing Trade Group Begins Receiving Shipments at Two Million Bushel Facility in American Falls, ID (Capital Press)

Eastern ID Wheat Growers Have Several New Options For Selling Grain (Capital Press)

Monsanto Opens Wheat Technology Center in Filer, ID (Magic Valley)

Monsanto Celebrates Grand Opening Of Idaho Wheat Technology Center

Surplus Biodiesel Equipment Located in Bonners Ferry, ID Scheduled For Online Auction Ending August 18

Clearwater County, ID Declares State of Emergency as Drought Kills Wheat Crops (Washington Times)

Rathdrum Prairie, ID Poplar Grove Used as Test Plot For Growing Trees For Cellulosic Biofuels ( Spokesman-Review)

University of Idaho Wheat Breeders Researching Irrigation Options For Hard White Winter Wheat (Capital Press)

Man Injured By Falling Shovel While Working on Grain Elevator in Uniontown, ID (D News)

University of Idaho Grain Tour Displays Evidence of Disease Among Grain Crops (Magic Valley)

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Cisco Seeds of Idaho, Inc.

Energy Products of Idaho

Idaho Barley Commission

Idaho Crop Improvement Association

Idaho Grain Producers Association

Idaho State Seed Laboratory

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Energy Products of Idaho

Idaho Crop Improvement Association

Idaho Department of Agriculture

Idaho Grain Producers Association

University of Idaho