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Piatt County, IL Board Approves Variance to Allow J-L Farm Limited Partnership to Build 55-Foot Grain Bin in Blue Ridge Township

Grain and Feed Association of Illinois Grain Grading Seminars ... Aug. 1-3 ... Registration Deadline July 21

Manager ... Tate & Lyle Grain ... Findlay, IL

University of Illinois Researchers Determine Corn More Valuable As Food Than Biofuel

Renewable Energy Group Commends Illinois Lawmakers For Extending Significant Biodiesel Incentive

Lock Delays on Ohio and Illinois Rivers Expected For Early July

Seacor Holdings Sells Illinois Corn Processing Subsidiary For $76 Million

University of Illinois Soybean Rust Study Allow Breeders to Tailor Resistant Varieties to Local Pathogens

Grain Elevator Catches Fire in Steward, IL

Fire Destroys Old Grain Elevator in Georgetown, IL

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Ag Guild of Illinois

Grain & Feed Association of Illinois

Illinois Cereal Mills Inc.

Illinois Corn Growers Association

Illinois Corn Marketing Board

Illinois Crop Improvement Assn.

Illinois Farm Bureau

Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc.

Illinois Grain & Seed Equipment Inc.

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Aug. 1 - 3, 2017 ... GFAI Grain Grading Seminars ... Various Venues ... , IL

Feb. 18 - 20, 2018 ... Grain and Feed Association of Illinois 125th Annual Convention ... Peoria Convention and Pere Marquette ... Peoria, IL


Ag Guild of Illinois

Central Illinois Energy

Central Illinois Scale Co.

Central Illinois Soybean Processor Report

Chicago and Illinois River Marketing

Farm Week

Grain & Feed Association of Illinois

Illinois Agricultural Statistics Service

Illinois Agronomy Handbook

Illinois Cereal Mills

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