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OPIS 6th Annual RFS2, RINS & Biodiesel Forum ... Oct. 16-17 ... Chicago, IL

Eastern Illinois University Uses Farmland to Grow and Research Biomass Grasses ( JG-TC)

Aventine Upgrades Pekin, IL Ethanol Plant to Use Natural Gas

Union Iron to Construct $11 Million Manufacturing Facility in Decatur, IL ( Herald-Review)

IL Sen. Durbin Urges STB to Closely Monitor Rail Capacity Ahead of Expected Record Harvest

University of Illinois Analysis: Did We Miss The Boat on Corn Plant Population in 2014?

University of Illinois Analysis: Will High Yields Rescue 2014 Crop Returns?

University of Illinois Analysis: What Can We Learn About Corn and Soybean Yields From Crop Tours?

University of Illinois Researchers Find Earth Can Sustain More Terrestrial Plant Growth Than Previously Thought

GIPSA Seeks Official Service Providers in Alabama, Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Washington (Federal Register)

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Advanced AgriTraits LLC

Ag Guild of Illinois

Central Illinois Scale Co.

Grain & Feed Association of Illinois

Illinois Cereal Mills Inc.

Illinois Corn Growers Association

Illinois Corn Marketing Board

Illinois Crop Improvement Assn.

Illinois Farm Bureau

Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc.

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Oct. 20 - 22, 2014 ... Mill Maintenance I ... Embassy Suites ... Kansas City, MO


Ag Guild of Illinois

Central Illinois Energy

Central Illinois Scale Co.

Central Illinois Soybean Processor Report

Chicago and Illinois River Marketing

Farm Week

Grain & Feed Association of Illinois

Illinois Agricultural Statistics Service

Illinois Agronomy Handbook

Illinois Cereal Mills

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