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GFAI Safe Grain Handling Operations 2-Day Course ... Nov. 19-20 ... Asmark Center ... Bloomington, IL

Martin Engineering Low Maintenance Conveyor Belt Plows Extend Tail Pulley Life

Illinois Crop Improvement Receives Continued Program Recognition in BRS BQMS Program

Total Grain Marketing Flat Storage Building in Kansas, IL Collapses; No Injuries Reported (The X Radio)

Illinois Department of Agriculture Hosts International Grain Buyers For State-Wide Tour (AgriNews)

University of Illinois Researchers Studying Sorghum and Miscanthus as Bioenergy Crops Awarded Funding From USDA/DOE Clean Energy Program

Patriot Renewable Fuels Adds Cellulosic Ethanol Technology to Annawan, IL Biorefinery (Domestic Fuel)

Safety Experts Emphasize Human Cost of Ag Accidents During Farm Safety Week in Sherman, IL (AgriNews)

Small Fire at Newton, IL Grain Elevator (Press Mentor)

Tolono, IL Farmers Finding Challenges and Benefits as They Work Late to Bring In Crops ( News-Gazette)

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