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University of Illinois Agricultural Economists Project Sharp Grain Income Decline Through 2015/2016 Marketing Year ( News-Gazette)

Grain Bin Fire in Ringwood, IL Causes $2,500 Damage in Lost Corn (Northwest Herald)

Grain Handling Safety Coalition Train the Trainer Sessions ... Dec. 18 / 19 ... Bloomington, IL

Darrell Good Report: Strength of Corn Prices Continues Through December

Peru, IL Farmer Produces 104 Bushels Per Acre of Soybeans on Illinois Soybean Association Yield Challenge Plot (Corn and Soybean Digest)

Chicago Mayor Emanuel Rejects Proposed Mandate Requiring Fuel Stations to Provide E-15 (Chicago Tribune)

GIPSA Designates Service Providers in South Dakota, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, South Carolina (Federal Register)

Illinois Farm Bureau Annual Meeting Reveals Farmers Feelings of Unease Regarding 2015 Farm Economy

Rescued Grain Entrapment Victim Recounts 2010 Tragic Experience in Mount Carroll, IL (Atlantic)

Darrell Good Report: How Will The Dec. 1 Corn Stocks Estimate Be Interpreted?

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Feb. 15 - 17, 2015 ... Grain and Feed Association of Illinois Convention and Trade Show ... Crowne Plaza ... Springfield, IL


Ag Guild of Illinois

Central Illinois Energy

Central Illinois Scale Co.

Central Illinois Soybean Processor Report

Chicago and Illinois River Marketing

Farm Week

Grain & Feed Association of Illinois

Illinois Agricultural Statistics Service

Illinois Agronomy Handbook

Illinois Cereal Mills

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