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National Advanced Biofuels Conference and Expo in Omaha, NE, Oct. 26-28, 2015

Protec Fuel Announces Partnership With Mountain Express to Offer E15 Fuel in Atlanta, GA

Ag Transport Coalition Report Shows 11% Shortage in Railway Cars For Grain Transportation (CTV News)

Man Rescued After Being Entrapped in Grain Bin For Nearly 20 Hours in Littleport, IA (Des Moines Register)

Gevo Victory Over Teva in Delaware District Court Reinstated By U.S. Supreme Court

Nutrition Grain Services in Carthage, IL Says Increased Safety and Productivity Are Benefits of New Facility ( Journal-Pilot)

U.S. Water Services Announces Partnership With ALLETE Energy in Duluth, MN

National Cereal and Produce Board in Kenya Runs Out of Money to Purchase Maize (Star)

Biotech Crops Show Continued Growth, Benefits in 2014

Ukraine Grain Traders Sign Agreement to Limit Milling Wheat Exports in Effort to Preserver Food Supplies (Bloomberg)

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Campbell Seed, Inc.

Central Indiana Ethanol LLC


Indiana Boxcar Corp.

Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc.

Indiana Farm Systems, Inc

Indiana Grain & Feed Association

Indiana Seed Solutions

Indiana Seed Trade Association (ISTA)

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Feb. 10 - 12, 2015 ... Women in Agribusiness Summit Europe ... Hotel Arts ... Barcelona, Spaine,


Central Indiana Ethanol LLC

Indiana Boxcar Corp.

Indiana Corn Growers Association

Indiana Crop Improvement Assn. Inc.

Indiana Department of Agriculture

Indiana Grain & Feed Association

Indiana Seed Trade Association