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International Fuel Ethanol Workshop ... June 9-12 ... Indianapolis, IN

Analysis: Corn-Based Ethanol Environmentally Damaging in Short Run (PBS)

CRFA Applauds Greener Diesel Requirement in ON

Syngenta Survey Confirms That Going Digital is Gaining Momentum in Ag

Michigan State University Study Finds Changes in Farming Practices Could Help Environmental Stability

Wilks Introduces InfraCal 2 Analyzer For Increased Capability For Oil in Water and Biodiesel Blend Measurements

Fertilizer Transportation in the Spotlight

Scoular and Vireol Partner to Operate Ethanol Plant in Hopewell, VA

Leading Biofuel Groups Oppose Delay Requested by Petroleum Industry in 2013 RFS Case

IA Producer Rescued From Entrapment in On-Farm Grain Bin (Radio Iowa)

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Campbell Seed, Inc.

Central Indiana Ethanol LLC


Indiana Boxcar Corp.

Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc.

Indiana Farm Systems, Inc

Indiana Grain & Feed Association

Indiana Seed Solutions

Indiana Seed Trade Association (ISTA)

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Central Indiana Ethanol LLC

Indiana Boxcar Corp.

Indiana Corn Growers Association

Indiana Crop Improvement Assn. Inc.

Indiana Department of Agriculture

Indiana Grain & Feed Association

Indiana Seed Trade Association