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Aemetis Harvests 20 Acre Demonstration Sorghum Crop in Central CA For Biofuel Use

Singapore and MItsui (Japan) Show Interest in Purchasing Glencore Agriculture Unit

El Nino Weather Pattern to Negatively Impact Indonesia Palm Oil Production By Nearly 25% in 2016

Amyris Industrial Plant in Brazil Produces Third Unique Fermentation Product

The Philippines Prepares to Import More Rice In Preparation For El Nino Effects

Washington Department of Ecology to Order Clean Up of Grain Handling Facility in Freeman, WA

Indiana Court of Appeals Reduces Restitution Paid to Stone Station and Ridgeville Elevators Following 2014 Grain Theft

Syngenta Continues Transition of Wheat Breeding to Hybrids in North America

U.S. Farmers Hold Onto Corn and Soybean Crops In Hopes For Increased Prices

GEAPS 630: Quality Control, Quality Assurance Practices in Flour Milling Online Distance Education Course ... Nov. 2 - Dec. 4

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Campbell Seed, Inc.

Central Indiana Ethanol LLC


Indiana Boxcar Corp.

Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc.

Indiana Farm Systems, Inc

Indiana Grain & Feed Association

Indiana Seed Solutions

Indiana Seed Trade Association (ISTA)

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Jan. 18 - 19, 2016 ... Agribusiness Council of Indiana Conf/Expo ... Downtown Marriott ... Indianapolis, IN


Central Indiana Ethanol LLC

Indiana Boxcar Corp.

Indiana Corn Growers Association

Indiana Crop Improvement Assn. Inc.

Indiana Department of Agriculture

Indiana Grain & Feed Association

Indiana Seed Trade Association