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U.S. Wheat Associates Seats New Officers at 2017 Annual Meeting in Annapolis, MD

Ag Groups Showcase Technology, Sustainability at Maryland Field Day

Maryland Soybean Board Grants $200,000 For Soybean Research, Marketing, and Education Programs

National Corn Growers Association Awaits Signature From Kent County, MD Commissioners Opposing Proposed Reduction of Ethanol in Gasoline

University of Maryland Researchers Receive Patent For Cellulose-Digesting Bacteria to Produce Ethanol

University of Maryland Extension Educator Offers Tips to Avoid Grain Bin Accidents

University of Maryland Scientists Isolate Bacteria Strains to Produce Cellulosic Biofuels

Emergency Crews Rescue Man With Leg Stuck in Auger Within Grain Silo in Cecil County, MD

Advanced Biofuels USA Executive Director Appointed to Maryland Clean Energy Center Advisory Council (Alt Energy Magazine)

Maryland Soybean Crop Up 17% and Corn Up 13% From 2013

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Maryland Dept. of Agriculture

Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board

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Maryland Biodiesel Inc

Maryland Dept. of Agriculture

Maryland Grain Producers Association

Maryland State Licensed Warehouses

University of Maryland