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MA Group Seeks Legislation Preventing Ethanol Rail Shipments (Record)

MA Gov. Patrick Passes Moratorium Rather Than Ban on Ethanol Rail Transport in Densely Populated Communities (WLC)

Global Partners Withdraws Proposal to Ship Ethanol By Train Through MA Cities (WLC)

Waste Conversion Congress East Coast ... June 17-18 ... Boston, MA

MA Residents Pushing For Ethanol Transport Ban in Cities (Boston Magazine)

MA DOT Completes Impact Study on Rail Ethanol Transport (Somerville News)

MA Transportation Dept. Studies Ethanol Train Public Safety, But Has Little Power to Regulate (Patch)

Ethanol Trains Under Scrutiny in Somerville, MA (Patch)

University of Massachusetts Amherst Researcher Receives NSF Funding to Study Biofuel Production From Wood

Qteros Production Equipment to Be Auctioned in Chicopee, MA (MassLive)

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Massachusetts State Seed Control Official

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