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Texas Bridge Crossing to Mexico Closed Due to Severe Storms

NE Gov. Ricketts and Agriculture Groups Emphasize Importance of Trade Relationship Between U.S. and Mexico

Bunting Magnetics Appoints David Bocanegra as Sales Manager in Mexico

Increased Farm Values and Transportation Costs Pushed Up Landed Costs to Mexico

New Rule Proposed in Mexico to Increase Ethanol Blending in Gasoline

Both U.S. and Mexican Producers Benefit From DDGS

KS Ethanol Industry Leaders Attend Agriculture Trade Mission in Mexico

Acquisition of Syngenta by ChemChina Approved by Mexican Competition Authority

Mexico Threatens to Stop Purchasing U.S. Corn

Mexican Agriculture Companies Plan to Sidestep U.S. Grain Imports

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New Mexico Grain & Feed Association

New Mexico SU Seed Certification

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Eastern New Mexico Grain Report (Tues)

New Mexico Crop Improvement Association

New Mexico State University