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Michigan Strategic Fund Approves Zoning For ZFS Ithaca, LLC Proposed Soybean Processing Plant

Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development Approves Proposal to Expand ZFS Ithaca, LLC Production Capacity

National Science Foundation Awards $4.4 Million Grant to Michigan State University For Corn Genome Research

Michigan State University Extension Suggests Considerations For Fall Wheat Stripe Rust Management

University of Michigan Study Says Ethanol Not Benefiting Environment

University of Michigan Study Questions Whether Biofuels Are Worse For Environment

Renewable Fuels Association President Dinneen Responds to Michigan Energy Institute Researchers' Study

Michigan Colleges Alliance Chairman Launches Website Calling For End of Ethanol Mandate

Michigan State University Scientist's Research Shows Usage of Nitrogen Fertilizer May Risk Environmental Advantage of Cellulosic Biofuels

CEO of Former Michigan Biodiesel, LLC John Gerald Oakley Charged With $2 Million Tax Credit Scheme

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Jan. 9 - 11, 2017 ... Michigan Agr-Business Association Conference ... Lansing Center ... Lansing, MI


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Michigan Agri Business Association

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