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Michigan Corn Growers Association Releases Video Showcasing RFS Benefits ( Sentinel-Standard)

Michigan Agri-Business Association Presents Leaders and Legends Award to Cliff Vennix

Michigan Agri-Business Association Honors Agriculture Commitment During Winter Conference

Michigan Agri-Business Conference Emphasizes Importance of Grain Bin Safety Due to Poor Grain Quality

MI Senator Meekhof Named Champion of Agriculture at 2015 Michigan Agri-Business Association Winter Conference

Michigan Agri-Business Association Makes 2015 Push For Grain Bin Safety (MI News)

Michigan State University Study Finds Ethanol Production Costly to Economy (CapCon)

Michigan Bean Industry Hosts First Annual Dry Bean Outlook Conference

Michigan Agri-Business Association Announces 2015 Campaign to Warn Farmers and Grain Handlers of Engulfment Danger

Michigan Farmers Search For Alternative Buyers Following Lapeer Grain Co. Suspension (Times Herald)

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Corn Marketing Program of Michigan

Michigan Agri Business Association

Michigan Bean Shippers

Michigan Crop Improvement Association

Michigan Economic Development

Michigan Institute of Aviation

Michigan Material Handling Systems

Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Co.

Michigan State Seed Solutions

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Eastern Michigan Grain Inc.

Michigan Agri Business Association

Michigan Agricultural Commodities, Inc.

Michigan Biodiesel

Michigan Corn Growers Association

Michigan Crop Improvement Association

Michigan Ethanol

Michigan Millers Insurance

Michigan Renewable Fuels Commission

Michigan State Licensed Grain Dealers