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Advanced Biofuels Producer Joule Unlimited Plans Larger Carbon Dioxide-to-Fuel Plant in Hobbs, NM (XConomy)

New Mexico State University Clovis Science Center Explores Winter Canola as Alternative Crop

Explosions and Fire Destroy Rio Valley BioFuels Biodiesel Plant in Anthony, NM (LCSN)

The Scoular Co. Acquires Hi-Pro Shuttle Train Grain Facility in Dexter, NM

Gavilon to Receive Clovis, NM Funding Provided Conditions Are Met (CNJ)

City of Clovis, NM Debates Economic Development Funding For Gavilon (CNJ)

Gavilon Receives Funding From City of Clovis, NM For Grain Facility Expansion (News Journal)

RFA and BNSF to Host Ethanol Safety Seminar in Albuquerque, NM

AACC International Presents 2013 Awards in Albuquerque, NM

NM Growers Trying Canola Production (CNJ)

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New Mexico Grain & Feed Association

New Mexico SU Seed Certification

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Eastern New Mexico Grain Report (Tues)

New Mexico Crop Improvement Association

New Mexico State University