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Northland Manufacturing, Inc. ... Hoppers, Rack-N-Pinion Gate, and Square or Round Transitions

GIPSA Releases Notice of Designation of Fremont Grain Inspection Department, Inc. to Provide Class X or Classy Y Weighing Services

GM Grass defies Eradication in Oregon (theOregonian)

Altruism or PR? How Monsanto Plans to Snag a Foothold in African Seed Markets

Storage Shed Fire Destorys Part of Old Flour Mill in Baker City, OR

Victoria, Australia Farmers Await Results of "Make or Break" Grain Growing Season

GIPSA Announces Designation of Hastings Grain Inspection, Inc. to Provide Class X or Class Y Weighing Services

Union Pacific Train Spills Grain After 13 Cars Derail in Eugene, OR

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Issues $16,737 Fine to Pendleton Grain Growers For Operating Grain Elevator Without Air Contaminant Discharge Permit

Global Partners Replaces Crude Oil With Ethanol at Port Westward Near Clatskanie, OR

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American Grass Seed Producers

Grassland Oregon

Oregon Feed & Grain Inc.

Oregon Industrial Machine, Inc.

Oregon Seed Association

Oregon Seed Certification Service

Oregon State University Seed Laboratory

Seed Research of Oregon

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Oregon Department of Agriculture

Oregon Seed Services

Oregon Seed Trade Association

Oregon State University

Oregon State University Seed Laboratory

Seed Research of Oregon