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U.S. National Academies Find Biotech Crops Not Harmful to Human Health or the Environment

Don’t Miss ASTA’s Annual Convention in Portland, Oregon!

Oregon Wheat Commission Faces Budget Challenges Following Decreasing Wheat Acreage

Is Glyphosate Carcinogenic or Not? (AgProfessional)

Syngenta Says ChemChina Deal Poses No Food-Safety or Major Security Issues (WSJ)

U.S. Sorghum Acreage in 2016 Forecast as Average or Lower

Oregon Seed Association Hosts its 47th Annual Mid-Winter Meeting

Technology to Develop Biofuels From Algae Not Yet Economically or Commercially Viable

Oregon State University Scientists Find Stripe Rust in Wheat Field Near Hermiston, OR

Russia to Consider Cutting or Removing Wheat Export Tax and Imposing Barley and Corn Export Tax

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