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USDA Agriculture Secretary Vilsack and Agriculture Leaders Travel to Peru and Chile to Expand Export Opportunities

U.S. Grains Council Reports Successful Ethanol Export Promotion Program in Peru

Peru Agricultural Exports Exceed $3.5 Billion During First Nine Months of 2015

Lagosur to Focus on Exporting Biodiesel to Peru, Bolivia, and Chile (Biofuels Diegest)

Free Trade Agreement Increases U.S. Feed Grain Exports to Colombia and Peru (Feed Navigator)

U.S. Wheat Associates Help Increase Peru Market For Kansas Hard Red Winter Wheat

Peru, IL Farmer Produces 104 Bushels Per Acre of Soybeans on Illinois Soybean Association Yield Challenge Plot (Corn and Soybean Digest)

Growth Energy Explores U.S. Ethanol Export Opportunities in Panama and Peru

USGC: Free Trade Agreement With Peru to Drive Corn Exports to Country in Early 2014

IAOM Latin America District Meets in Lima, Peru

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