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Petroleum Groups Ask EPA to Issue Alert Banning Sale of E15 as Flex Fuel (Oil Express)

RFA President Dinneen Emphasizes Importance of RFS Commitment in Wake of EPA Announcement (Farm Futures)

Editorial: RFA President Dinneen Criticizes Newspaper For Opposition to Ethanol Subsidies (Boston Globe)

Editorial: RFA President Dinneen Defends Corn Ethanol Rules (Denver Post)

RFA President Dinneen Discusses How RFS Success and Consumer Benefits (USA Today)

Quad County Corn Processors Receives 2015 Industry Award From RFA For Cellerate Team (Pilot Tribune)

RFA Releases Study Entitled "Contribution of The Ethanol Industry to The Economy of The United States in 2014" (Hoosier Ag Today)

RFA President Dinneen Offers State of The Industry Address as National Ethanol Conference ... Feb. 19 ... Grapevine, TX

Renewable Fuels Association Report Shows U.S. Exported 836 Million Gallons of Ethanol During 2014

Renewable Fuel Association Leader Denounces Bill Trying to Remove RFS Mandate (The Hill)

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Iowa Renewable Fuels Association

Renewable Fuels Association (RFA)

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Renewable Fuels Association

Renewable Fuels Association (RFA)