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RFA Commends Senate Banking Committee For Decision to Uphold Renewable Fuel Standard

RFA Announces 2016 Election Results and Leadership Roles

RFA President Dinneen Welcomes Americans For Energy Security and Innovation Industry Organization

RFA Commends Iowa State University Study Showing Original RFS Targets Achievable in 2016

RFA Criticizes Changes to OR Clean Fuels Law

RFA Commends USDA For Awarding Biofuel Infrastructure Partnership Grants

RFA President Dinneen Criticizes American Petroleum Institute Study

Renewable Fuels Association Releases Infographic About Ethanol and Marine Engines

RFA Criticizes American Motorcyclist Association For Spreading E15 Misinformation

RFA Commends Fiat Chrysler Automobiles For Approval of E15 Fuel Use

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Iowa Renewable Fuels Association

Renewable Fuels Association (RFA)

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Renewable Fuels Association

Renewable Fuels Association (RFA)