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Ethanol Supporters Preparing For Fight Over EPA RFA Decision (Schuyler Sun)

RFA CEO Dinneen Discusses Ethanol Issues at National Association of Farm Broadcasting (Domestic Fuel)

RFA Pleased With Fuels Institute Report Showing Growth Potential for E-85 (Domestic Fuel)

RFA Requests That Oregon Treats Ethanol The Same as All Clean Fuels (Domestic Fuel)

RFA Chairman Doyal Addresses Food vs. Fuel Argument ( KEYC-TV)

RFA Chairman: Crude Oil Prices Are Bigger Driver of Food Prices Than Ethanol (Twin Cities)

RFA Releases Updated Publication Debunking Food vs. Food Argument

RFA Case Study Suggests St. Louis, MO E85 Retailers Could Be Price Gouging

RFA Names Randall Doyal Chairman

RFA Names Mick Henderson Vice Chairman

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Iowa Renewable Fuels Association

Renewable Fuels Association (RFA)

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Renewable Fuels Association

Renewable Fuels Association (RFA)