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Rhode Island Passes Statewide 2% Bioheat Requirement

Newport Biodiesel (RI) Converts Used Cooking Oil to Fuel (Eco RI News)

Tomorrow Biofuels (RI) Combines Carbon Reduction With Algae Production (ECO RI News)

Ultra Green Opens Biodiesel Rail Facility in Yaphank, RI (Newsday)

Rhode Island Restaurant Converts Used Cooking Oil to Biodiesel For Biobug (WPRI)

University of Rhode Island Researchers Study Switchgrass Potential For Biofuels Production (WPRI)

University of Rhode Island Research Boat to Begin Using Biodiesel (G5CC)

Rhode Island Student Project TGIF Converts Used Cooking Oil to Biodiesel For Charity (YNN)

Opinion: What Happens to Offshore Wind After Bluewater Wind Is Unplugged? (

Maryland Legislature Debating Subsidies to Jumpstart Offshore Wind Farm (

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