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Algae Biomass Organization Presents Champion of Algae Awards to RI Sen. Whitehouse and CA Congressman Peters

Algae Biomass Organization Commends RI Sen. Whitehouse For Carbon Utilization Amendment Proposal

Algae Biomass Organization Applauds WV Sen. Manchin and RI Sen. Whitehouse For Support of Carbon Utilization Technology

Algae Biomass Organization Applauds RI and HI Senators For Including Carbon Utilization in Climate Legislation

Rhode Island Passes Statewide 2% Bioheat Requirement

Newport Biodiesel (RI) Converts Used Cooking Oil to Fuel (Eco RI News)

Tomorrow Biofuels (RI) Combines Carbon Reduction With Algae Production (ECO RI News)

Ultra Green Opens Biodiesel Rail Facility in Yaphank, RI (Newsday)

Rhode Island Restaurant Converts Used Cooking Oil to Biodiesel For Biobug (WPRI)

University of Rhode Island Researchers Study Switchgrass Potential For Biofuels Production (WPRI)

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