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Russia Government Taxing of Overseas Wheat Shipments Causes 50% Decrease in International Wheat Sales (Swiss Info)

Russian Wheat Export Prices Fall as Farmers Search For Spring Sowing Funding (Hellenic Shipping News)

Russia Wheat Export Prices Expected to Fall 9% When Crops Begin Arriving in July (Business Recorder)

Spring Weather to Determine Amount of Crop Loss in Russia (Crop Site)

Russia Grain Export Curbs to Prolong Poor Farmland Prices (Agri Money)

Russia Grain Deliveries Help Boost North Korea Economy (Radio Free Asia)

Rising Food Prices Prompt Russia and Ukraine to Consider Controlling Exports (Reuters)

Winter Grains in Russia and Ukraine Badly Damaged By Frost and Winter Conditions (Agri Money)

Poor Planting Conditions in Russia May Cause Winter Wheat Crop to Fall 40% During 2015 (Business Recorder)

Russia Wheat Exporters Unsure of Signing New Deals Due to Upcoming Government Imposed Export Curbs (Moscow Times)

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