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Unseasonably Cold Weather and Political Tension to Affect Wheat Crops in Russia and Ukraine (Reno Gazette-Journal)

Ukraine Conflict With Russia Weighs Heavily on International Grain Market (Wall Street Journal)

Russia's Winter Grain Crops Still at Risk Despite Warmer Weather (Business Recorder)

Pakistan Minister For Food and Health: Russia and Ukraine Millers Grinding Low-Quality Wheat (Pakistan Today)

Warmer November Weather Crucial For Russia and Ukraine Grain Crops (Business Recorder)

Russian Winter Wheat Crop Threatened by Lack of Rain (Wall Street Journal)

Agrokultura Warns of Drought Harm to Russian Wheat (AgriMoney)

Abnormally Cold Russian Winter to Cause Crop Loss in Unharvested Areas (Black Sea Grain)

SovEcon: Russian Grain Crops In Worst Condition Since 2009 (AgriMoney)

Russia's Ban on Imports of Ukrainian Crops Comes Into Force on October 22 (Soyatech)

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