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U.S. Wheat Prices Reach Seven-Month High As Russia Restricts Export Rules (Wall St. Journal)

Russia Planning to Increase Wheat Stockpile as Weakening Currency Causes High Food Costs (Bloomberg)

Ag Growth International Adds Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian Languages to Website

Cost of Bread in Russia to Rise Sharply Due to Weakening Ruble Value (Moscow Times)

Drought and Below-Normal Temperatures in Russia and Ukraine to Substantially Lower 2015 Wheat Production; Prices to Rise (Seeking Alpha)

Poor Weather Conditions Affect Russia and Ukraine Winter Wheat Crop; Smaller Spring 2015 Harvest Predicted (Western Producer)

Unseasonably Cold Weather and Political Tension to Affect Wheat Crops in Russia and Ukraine (Reno Gazette-Journal)

Ukraine Conflict With Russia Weighs Heavily on International Grain Market (Wall Street Journal)

Russia's Winter Grain Crops Still at Risk Despite Warmer Weather (Business Recorder)

Pakistan Minister For Food and Health: Russia and Ukraine Millers Grinding Low-Quality Wheat (Pakistan Today)

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