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Russia's Ban on Imports of Ukrainian Crops Comes Into Force on October 22 (Soyatech)

China Considers Lifting Ban on Food Imports From Russia (Tass)

Russia and Ukraine to Increase Grain Planting Despite Turmoil (Daily Mail)

Russia Grain Exports Almost Double in Three Years (AgWeb)

Large Russia Wheat Growers Stick to Production Plans Despite Cost Increases Due to Sanctions (Bloomberg)

Russia Says Not Considering Grain Export Ban (Reuters)

Russia Could Increase Grain Exports to 25 Million Tons ( ITAR-TASS)

Russia to Increase Wheat Exports to Egypt; Countries Consider Free Trade (Reuters)

Russia Food Import Ban Gives Big Opportunity to Brazil (Moscow Times)

KS Ag Trade Director Says Food Import Ban Likely to Hurt Russia More Than State (Bellingham Herald)

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