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GIPSA Designates Service Providers in South Dakota, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, South Carolina (Federal Register)

Bartlett Milling Company Issues Horse Feed Recall in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee (WDBJ)

Vega Biofuels Details Construction Schedule For Joint Venture Torrefaction Plant in Allendale, SC

Vega Biofuels and Agri-Tech Producers to Break Ground on Pilot Torrefaction Plant in Allendale, SC

SC Producers Dealing With Dry, Hot Conditions Along With Lower Crop Prices (The TandD)

Man Rescued From Entrapment in On-Farm Grain Bin in Orangeburg County, SC (TandD)

GIPSA Announces Opportunity For Official Designation in Aberdeen, SD, Hastings, NE, Fulton, IL, and the States of MO SC Areas; Requests Comments on Official Agencies Serving Areas (Federal Register)

NGFA Honors Three at 118th Annual Convention in Hilton Head, SC

NGFA 118th Annual Convention ... March 30 - April 1, 2014 ... Hilton Head, SC

NGFA Annual Convention ... March 30 - April 1 ... Hilton Head, SC

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South Carolina Fertilizer and Seed Services

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South Carolina Department of Agriculture

South Carolina Grain Bids

South Carolina Weekly Grain Review