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The Scoular Co. Acquires Pisgah Cooperative Grain Co. in Pisgah, IL

High Winds Topple Grain Bins at The Scoular Co. Elevator in Hershey, NE (NPB)

The Scoular Co. Acquires Hi-Pro Shuttle Train Grain Facility in Dexter, NM

The Scoular Co. to Rehabilitate Barge Loading Facility At Port of Walla Walla, WA Industrial Park (CAP)

The Scoular Co. to Lease Port of Walla Walla River Grain Facility in Burbank, WA

Pratt Energy Ethanol Plant (KS) Up and Running; The Scoular Co. Buying Grain and Marketing DDGS

The Scoular Co. Leases Future Fuels Grain Bins at Hopewell, VA Ethanol Plant Site For Local Grain Storage ( Progress-Index)

The Scoular Co. Acquires Tribune Grain Facilities in Kansas

The Scoular Co. Opens Grain Origination and Trading Office in Rushville, NE

The Scoular Co. Acquires R.O. Mayes Co. Grain Handling Facility in Petersburg, VA

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