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Utah State University Economist Forecasts Continued Downturn in Grain Markets in 2017

Seed Coating Effective on Turfgrass Under Deficit Irrigation

Utah State University Receives $1.5 Million USDA Grant For Organic Research and Extension to Improve Organic Wheat Production (HJ News)

Utah State University Researchers Say Algae Biofuels Can Help Meet World Energy Demand (PhysOrg)

Utah State University Researchers Find Biodiesel Produced From Oleaginous Microbes Can Displace Petroleum Diesel (FIS)

Intermountain Farmers Assn., J.D. Heiskell & Co., and Moroni Feed Partner to Form Central Utah Grain

Utah State University Students Set Land Speed Record With Dairy Waste Biofuel ( Standard-Examiner)

Utah State University Extension and The Louis Berger Group Win Federal Planning Division Award For Project to Grow Biofuels Feedstocks on Military Bases

Utah State University Researchers Grow Algae For Biodiesel Production (Deseret News)

Sheffield (VT) Wind Farm Completed by First Wind (

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