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Magnetation Moves Forward With Plans to Use Former VeraSun Plant Site in Reynolds, IN For Iron Ore Pellet Plant (JCOnline)

Aurora (NE) Cooperative Prevails in VeraSun Repayment Case

VeraSun Attorneys Retract Demands for Farmer Payments

VeraSun Trustee Playing Hard Ball to Recover Money Company Spent on Corn (Ag Week)

NCGA Coordinates Conference Call With Producer Attorneys on VeraSun Attempt to Recover Funds Spent on Corn in 2008 (NTV)

SD Corn Producers Unite to Fight VeraSun Attempt to Recoup Money From Corn Purchases Made Before Bankruptcy (KDLT)

VeraSun Asking Corn Producers for Repayment After 2008 Bankruptcy (AP)

NCGA Issues VeraSun Update for Producers Involved With Company

City of Linden, IN Eager to See Valero Start Production at Former VeraSun Ethanol Plant (JC Online)

Federal Trade Commission Approves Valero Purchase of Former VeraSun and Renew Energy Ethanol Plants (Domestic Fuel)

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VeraSun Energy LLC

VeraSun Energy LLC

VeraSun Energy LLC

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VeraSun Energy

VeraSun Energy LLC

VeraSun Energy LLC

VeraSun Energy LLC