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Land O'Lakes, Inc. Acquires Vermont Creamery

Vermont's GMO Labeling Mandate Was Misleading to Consumers

General Mills to Bring Nationwide Labeling of GMO Products Ahead of Scheduled Labeling Law in VT

Institute For Energy and Environment Releases On-Farm Biodiesel Production in Vermont: Legal and Regulatory Overview Report

VT Rep. Welch Responds to Ads Attacking Stance on Renewable Fuel Standard

Ben & Jerry's Joins Fight to Protect Vermont GM Labeling Law

GSR Solutions Experiments With Algae Production in Vermont (BFP)

USDA Grant Funds Dairy Manure Biofuels Research in Vermont (VPR)

Lawsuit Challenges Vermont's GMO Labeling Law

GMA: VT GMO Labeling Law Critically Flawed and Costly to Consumers

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