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AgriMAXX Wheat Wins Virginia Wheat Yield

National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium to Conduct Largest Alternative Fuel Vehicle Awareness Event ... Oct. 17 ... Morgantown, WV

Virginia Tech Researchers Receive USDA/DOE Grant to Develop Tree Biomass Crop For Marginal Lands

Virginia Tech Researchers Find Plants Could Use RNA to Communicate

City of Hopewell, VA to Match State Grant For Vireol Ethanol Plant ( Progress-Index)

VA Wheat Forecast Up From June; Barley Down From 2013

West Virginia University Professor Studies Genetics of Biomass Accumulation For Bioenergy (Daily Athenaeum)

Vireol Ethanol Plant in Hopewell, VA Now Fully Operational (Times Dispatch)

Newly Restarted Vireol Bio Energy Ethanol Plant in Hopewell, VA Steadily Producing Ethanol Since April ( Progress-Index)

Oldest Non-GMO Farm CSA in Northern VA Urges State to Introduce GMO Labeling Law

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Hytorc of Central Virginia, Inc.

Virginia Corn Board

Virginia Crop Improvement Association

Virginia State Feed Association

West Virginia Crop Growers

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Virginia Corn Growers Association

Virginia Crop Improvement Association

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Virginia Grain

Virginia Grain--Norfolk, Petersburg and Richmond

Virginia Tech University

West Virginia University