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United Wisconsin Grain Producers Ethanol Plant in Friesland, WI Celebrates 10 Years in Business (WI Ag Connection)

WI Governor Walker Denies Changing Stance on Ethanol (Politico)

Didion Milling in Johnson Creek, WI Nominated For Wisconsin Manufacturer of The Year Award (Watertown Daily Times)

United Wisconsin Grain Producers Purchases Fluid-Quip Process Technologies' MSC System

Wisconsin Record Agriculture Exports Given Boost From Ethanol Industry (Wisconsin Ag Connection)

WI Gov. Walker Expected to Take Stance Concerning Ethanol After Avoiding Issue (Journal Sentinel)

WI Gov. Walker Refuses to Take Position on Renewable Fuel Standard (NBC 15)

Wisconsin Grain Farmers Won't Experience Rewards From Record Corn Harvest Due to Low Prices (State Journal)

Didion Ethanol Production Plant in Cambria, WI Catches Fire (WKOW)

Fire Destroys Arnold Farms Grain Bin in Porter, WI (Gazette)

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Central Wisconsin Alcohol

United Wisconsin Grain Products, LLC

WEM Automation Inc.

Western Wisconsin Energy LLC

Wisconsin Agri-Service Association

Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board, Inc.

Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association

Wisconsin Dry Ice Blasting, LLC

Wisconsin Wind Works

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United Wisconsin Grain Producers

United Wisconsin Grain Products, LLC

University of Wisconsin

Western Wisconsin Energy LLC

Western Wisconsin Renewable Energy Cooperative

Wisconsin Agri-Service Association

Wisconsin Central Transportation Corp.

Wisconsin Corn Growers Association

Wisconsin Country Elevator Grain Bids

Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association