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GROWMARK Announces 2014 Wisconsin Essay Contest Winner

University of Wisconsin, Madison Researchers Identify Cold-Adapted Yeasts That Could Be Useful For Biofuels

Firefighters Extinguish Blaze at Badger State Ethanol Plant in Monroe, WI (

Ceres Global Ag to Sell Manitowoc, WI Grain Storage Facility to Briess Malt and Ingredients

WI Grain Producers Monitor Ukraine Situation (Journal Sentinel)

Marquis Energy Ethanol Plant in Necedah, WI Fined For Air Pollution Violations (

The Open-source Seed Movement in Wisconsin

United Cooperative Donates to WI FFA Foundation

Wisconsin Researchers Identify Key Pathway for Plant Cell Growth

University of Wisconsin-Madison Researchers Develop Process to Create Concentrates Stream of Sugars

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Central Wisconsin Alcohol

United Wisconsin Grain Products, LLC

WEM Automation Inc.

Western Wisconsin Energy LLC

Wisconsin Agri-Service Association

Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board, Inc.

Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association

Wisconsin Dry Ice Blasting, LLC

Wisconsin Wind Works

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United Wisconsin Grain Producers

United Wisconsin Grain Products, LLC

University of Wisconsin

Western Wisconsin Energy LLC

Western Wisconsin Renewable Energy Cooperative

Wisconsin Agri-Service Association

Wisconsin Central Transportation Corp.

Wisconsin Corn Growers Association

Wisconsin Country Elevator Grain Bids

Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association