Transportation Board to Hold 97th Annual Meeting ... Jan. 7-11 ... Washington, DC

This article has been reprinted from the Dec. 28 Grain Transportation Report.

The Transportation Research Board’s 97th Annual Meeting will be held January 7-11, 2018 in Washington, DC. 

The meeting program covers all transportation modes and has over 5,000 presentations in nearly 800 sessions and workshops. 

These sessions and workshops address topics of interest to policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions. 

A number of presentations focus on agricultural and grain transportation, including those organized under the following sessions (among others): “From Farm to Table: Multimodal Opportunities and Challenges of Moving the World's Food,” “Trade, Food, and Freight—How Changing Trends in Production and Consumption Affect Movement of Food Exports and Imports,” and “Agriculture Commodity Data: Challenges and Applications.”