IFEEDER to Hold Two Member Webinars on Recent Research Projects

Last week, the Institute for Feed Education and Research, the American Feed Industry Association's public charity, released the results of two first-of-a-kind research projects detailing the feed industry's contribution to the national, state and local economies and providing a comprehensive analysis of the ingredients used in the top livestock, poultry and aquaculture diets.

Although AFIA and its members have long known the U.S. feed industry is the backbone of American agriculture, the new research gives the industry the data it needs to better communicate this to policymaker and public audiences. 

AFIA's legislative and regulatory staff will be using this information in their meetings with policymakers in the coming months and will also be leaning on YOU to help us communicate it to your congressmen, the media and the public. 

AFIA has developed a variety of resources for members to use to help share this story. 

For example, members can search by their states and congressional districts on interactive maps, as well as download a summary of the data, directly from the AFIA website on the economic and animal food consumption web pages. 

In addition, AFIA created a members-only communications toolkit, which contains suggested social media posts, various graphics, animated videos, PowerPoint presentations and more.

AFIA will be hosting two live member webinars where you can learn more about the reports and communications materials and ask questions:

  • Wednesday, Feb. 14, 11 a.m.-noon EST, and 
  • Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 2-3 p.m. EST.

Click here to register for either webinar. 

Please note, each webinar will cover the same material, so you only need to register for one. 

For more information about the economic or consumption reports, contact John Stewart, AFIA's manager of government affairs, at (703) 558-3566. 

For more information about the online resources, contact Victoria Broehm, AFIA's director of communications, at (703) 558-3579 or Codi Coulter, AFIA's communications coordinator, at (703) 666-8851.