USPOULTRY 2018 Feed Mill Management Seminar Focuses on Poultry Feed Regulations, Maintenance, and Technology

Tucker, GA - April 9, 2018 – USPOULTRY’s 2018 Feed Mill Management Seminar drew a crowd of more than 200 feed industry professionals and suppliers. 

This year’s event was held at the Sheraton Grand in Nashville, Tenn., and provided attendees with insight on new technology, regulatory compliance and the mechanics of feed production.

During his presentation on “How to Handle an OSHA Inspection,” Brian Hughes, corporate divisional safety manager at Perdue Foods, suggested that each facility have a written plan for inspections. 

“Not only do you need to have a plan, you need to ensure your mill personnel are trained on the plan. 

"A plan is of no value if no one knows about it or has had no training on how to follow the plan,” Hughes explained.

He offered insight into what is allowed for an inspection, what is not allowed, who to call, what to document, etc. 

Hughes remarked that Perdue performs mock inspections within the company to allow practice and to review areas of improvement.

“When it comes to ingredient quality, there are a couple of considerations,” shared Dr. Adam Fahrenholz, assistant professor at North Carolina State University during his presentation on “Energy Management for the Feed Industry.” 

Fahrenholz commented, “At the top of the list is animal nutrition, tied in with ensuring customer satisfaction. 

"Regulatory considerations are also on the list.”

Frank Garczynski, mill manager at Koch Foods in Mississippi, provided a company perspective on dust monitoring technology that is being implemented at Koch’s Chattanooga Feed Mill. 

Referencing photos, Garczynski pointed out that the facility manager runs a clean mill. 

However, monitors are stationed throughout the mill in various areas, and they take constant readings.

“These monitors will pick up on dust coming out of conveyors and will give an alarm letting us know that there is a potential problem,” 

Garczynski explained as he showed attendees charts from the monitor. 

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