GEAPS Scholarships ... Apply by June 1!

Are you looking to build your job skills? Do you know a full-time student studying for a career in the grain industry? Would learning a foreign language make you more valuable to your employer? 

GEAPS offers a pair of scholarships to fund these pursuits! 

Apply Online Today The deadline to apply for scholarships is Friday, June 1.

Build Industry-Specific Knowledge

The Harold Reese Memorial Scholarship provides financial assistance to participants in the GEAPS/Kansas State University Distance Education Program

Full-time students in grain-related programs at other colleges and universities are also eligible to apply.

Study a New Language

The Henry H. Kaufmann Memorial Scholarship opportunity helps full-time agribusiness professionals study foreign languages to advance their careers.

It applies to tuition, books and fees at accredited institutions. 

Students attending institutions outside the United States may apply if their college or university’s language program is formally affiliated with an accredited U.S. school. 

For more information, contact Katya Morrell with GEAPS or call (763) 999-4311.