U.S. Wheat Associates Welcomes Return of Miguel Galdos as Regional Director of South American Region

U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) announces that a familiar face is returning to the organization, naming Miguel Galdos, as Regional Director of its South American region. 

This follows the announcement that after 41 years of dedicated service to the U.S. wheat industry, Regional Vice President Alvaro de la Fuente will retire October 2018. 

Galdos will begin June 1, 2018, providing an appropriate transition period. 

Previously, Galdos worked for USW as Marketing Specialist and Assistant Regional Director in the USW Santiago Office from 2001 to 2008. 

“I am excited to be back working for U.S. Wheat Associates, after 10 additional years of experience serving the Latin American and Caribbean wheat milling industry,” said Galdos. 

“The USW Santiago Office will continue to do its best to serve U.S. wheat customers in South America and represent the interests of U.S. wheat growers in the region. 

"We will put emphasis on technical service to demonstrate the concrete benefit of U.S. wheat – the most reliable source of wheat in the world.” 

Most recently, Galdos worked for Engrain LLC, as Vice President for Latin American and the Caribbean. 

Engrain is a U.S. based company involved in the production and commercialization of enzyme technology and premixes for the milling and baking industry. 

Galdos earned a degree from the Universidad Mayor, College of Forestry and Agriculture Sciences, in Santiago, Chile, and has completed courses at the IGP Institute and American Institute of Baking (AIB). 

In his role at USW, Galdos will be responsible for leading market development programs conducted in the USW South American region to develop, serve and expand markets for U.S. wheat exports. 

He will also lead the regional office’s administrative and operational management. 

“I am looking forward to welcoming Miguel back to U.S. Wheat Associates and working with him to continue to drive market efforts in our South American region,” said USW Vice President of Overseas Operations Mark Fowler

“His skill set and combined background in marketing, flour functionality and product development, will enhance USW’s ability to connect with U.S. wheat customers in the region and provide essential trade and technical service.”

For more information, plese contact Amanda J. Spoo at 571-384-2847 or ajae.spoo@uswheat.org