Weekly Grain Barge Traffic Up 24% From Week Ended Sept. 1

This article has been reprinted from the Sept. 13 USDA Grain Transportation Report.

For the week ending September 8, barge volumes for down-bound grain on the locking portions of the Mississippi, Ohio, and Arkansas rivers were 1.3 million tons, 24 percent higher than the prior week.

Much of the barge traffic increases are attributable to the completed repairs at Melvin Price Locks and Dam (L&D), near St. Louis, MO.

With elimination of the significant delays at Melvin Price L&D the backlog of traffic was freed to continue its journey from the Upper Mississippi River to the Gulf.

However, next week’s tonnage report may be impacted by the current high water conditions caused by remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon that dumped significant rain on much of the Midwest.

Tropical Storm Gordon made land fall in Mississippi near the Alabama border on September 5.