Monitor Technologies Introduces SiloTrack Cloud Remote Inventory Management System

Monitor Technologies is proud to announce the new SiloTrackTM Cloud remote inventory management system.

A web-based application that allows users to monitor current vessel levels, receive notifications, access/create reports and more at any location, any time using any device with an Internet connection.

Manage one silo or multiple locations with storage vessels. Securely view distance, level, volume, weight, percentage and ullages (empty space) for silos.

It truly provides an intuitive, flexible and powerful interface for Monitor’s continuous level sensors to provide current data and optimize inventory management of stored materials.

For example, combine SiloTrack Cloud with the RadarRightTM non-contact level sensor for the ultimate inventory management system in fast-paced, dynamic storage applications like field corn receiver bins.

For more information please visit, e-mail or contact us at 1-800-601-6165 / 1-630-365-9403.