Radiant Solutions Forecasts Rainfall to Provide Relief to South African Corn Crops

Gaithersburg, MD - Dec. 05, 2018 - Very dry conditions have been plaguing nearly all of the South Africa corn belt so far this season, which have resulted in significant stress on germination and early growth of the crop.

However, significant rains are finally in store for much of the belt.

“Our current forecast shows rain amounts of 1-2” or more covering nearly two thirds of the corn belt for this weekend,” said Don Keeney, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist for Radiant Solutions.

“The rains will focus on the northern, central, and eastern corn areas and will provide a very timely boost to soil moisture for corn early growth.”

Additional, albeit lighter, rains are expected next week across central and eastern corn areas as well.

However, notable dryness will likely persist across the western third of the belt.

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