Strong Corn Exports to East Asia

This article has been reprinted from the Dec. 13 USDA Grain Transportation Report.

According to the recently released December Grain: World Markets and Trade—a monthly report produced by USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service—“early-season shipments of [U.S.] corn to East Asia (Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan) have been exceptional, supporting a strong start to the marketing year.

The latest information shows that accumulated shipments this marketing year have reached nearly 16 million tons, near-doubling that of a comparable time from a year ago.”

Shipments to East Asian destinations account for about 5 million tons (30 percent of the total), up from 1.3 million tons last year.

The report cites the main reason for this increase is the competitiveness of corn, which stems from high global availability of corn, increased global demand for corn as feed, and other factors.