Pet Food Conference to Feature Bloch Chain Management For The Pet Food Sector Discussion ... Feb. 12 ... Atlanta, GA

97ec526e-3d64-407b-bacc-98cde8c3d193.jpgContracts, transactions and recordkeeping are essential components of manufacturing administration.

Until recently, the digital transformation of block chain management has mostly been linked to crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, but commercially available applications are now available to refine the supply chain and improve data management.

What legal and regulatory challenges does block chain technology present to pet food manufacturers?

John Dillard, of the law firm Olsson, Frank and Weeda, will review legal concerns that businesses are facing when developing block chain management systems at the upcoming Pet Food Conference on Feb 12.

Dillard will provide a general overview of the manufacturing applications of traceability technology, such as block chain and whole genome sequencing.

He will also review current regulatory requirements and the future regulatory landscape, as well as block chain applications for increased customer trust and more precise recalls and explore potential legal pitfalls.

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If you have questions about the Pet Food Conference, please contact Louise Calderwood, AFIA's director of regulatory affairs, at (703) 558-3568.