Legacy Building Solutions Appoints Larry Jordan as Building and Project Design Consultant

South Haven, MN - Legacy Building Solutions, a premier manufacturer of custom fabric structures, is pleased to announce the addition of Larry Jordan as Building and Project Design Consultant.

In his new role, Jordan will work with customers in the military sector to provide them with engineered fabric structures on a rigid steel frame.

Legacy’s buildings are custom designed for a variety of applications, including hangars, wash‐down and POL shelters, LAMS, and repair and maintenance facilities.

“Legacy’s focus on quality and long‐term success has huge advantages for the military,” said Jordan.

“The buildings exceed the usual standards for safety, quality and efficiency, which benefits projects worldwide.”

After serving in the U.S. Navy, Jordan worked in the construction, financial and manufacturing industries.

His experience has focused on contract negotiation, the quoting process and customer care in the public, private and military sectors.

“Military customers can expect a high level of service from Larry,” said Eric Donnay, Vice President of Sales at Legacy Building Solutions.

“His experience and dedication to finding solutions will benefit military building projects of all sizes.”

For more information, please contact 320-258-0518 or awelker@legacybuildingsolutions.com