CPM Holdings Inc. Acquires D&G Electrical Engineering Ltd.

Accrington, England - February 13, 2019 - CPM Holdings Inc. (CPM), a leading supplier of process equipment and technology to the animal feed, oilseed, food and engineered materials industries, has acquired D&G Electrical Engineering Ltd., based in Accrington.

Founded in 1994, D&G is a leading supplier of niche controls and commissioning services for the metal packaging, food and nuclear industries.

D&G will be part of CPM’s control and automation group, Beta Raven, and will relocate to CPM’s new Greenbank Technology campus in nearby Blackburn.

D&G and Beta Raven will leverage their respective technologies and products into a global control and automation platform.

The move will also enhance controls and service integration into Greenbank and other CPM process equipment offered throughout Europe.

Former owners Duncan Whitaker and Graham Miller will continue to serve D&G in leadership and management roles.

“Our business partner relationship spans over 10 years with CPM,” Miller said.

“As we merge into a trans-Atlantic partnership, our leading control solutions will complement CPM’s own technologies and automation solutions with Beta Raven.”

For more information, please contact 1-800-366-2563.