4B Components Ltd. Holds Grand Opening For New Elevator Bucket Injection Molding Facility in Morton, IL

Morton, IL - May 2019 - 4B Components held the grand opening of their new state of the art elevator bucket injection molding facility on May 16, 2019 in Morton Illinois.

More than 150 customers, vendors, community leaders and employee’s toured the facility featuring the new injection molding machines, ancillary equipment and tooling.

“The new facility enables a more efficient manufacturing process, increased capacity and improved responsiveness to the demands of the agricultural and industrial markets,” says Johnny Wheat, President - 4B Components Ltd. USA.

With over 250,000 buckets and 6,000,000 bolts in their new Morton facility, the 4B Group worldwide holds one of the largest inventories of elevator buckets and bolts in the world.

4B also supplies full elevator component packages including: elevator buckets, belting (PVC and Rubber), bolts and splices.

The new injection molding plant is located in a 45,000 square feet facility that can produce 5,000 buckets per day.

The production facility is located on the same site as the sales, technical, and engineering departments, allowing this new facility to better meet the demands of their customers.

“Opening this new facility will bring better production control, improved logistics and more flexibility.

"Most importantly, the facility shows our strong dedication to truly be better by design,” said Nicholas Braime, CEO 4B/Braime Group.

For more information, please contact Randy Stauffer at rstauffer@go4b.com