Kice Industries Introduces New Larger Sizes For VJX Airlock

Wichita, KS - June 24, 2019 – Kice Industries announced it has introduced new, larger sizes for its popular VJX Airlock.

The new sizes available include:

  • 18x12x12
  • 18x14x14
  • 20x12x12
  • 20x15x15
  • 24x15x15
  • 24x20x20

The VJX airlock gives users less maintenance, reduced downtime, and lower overall operating costs.

It is designed to comply with NFPA 69 criteria as a passive isolation device.

The patented bearing cartridge design bolts to endplate for ease of assembly and maintenance.

It comes with a maintenance-free Teflon seal with triple quad-ring seals to protect bearings from product contamination.

There are no packing seals to tighten or replace.

With fewer parts and an improved seal, the VJX airlock can withstand higher operating pressures without maintenance, significantly reducing down time and overall operating costs.

For more information, please contact Shane McCormick at 316-744-7151 ext. 292 or