Maxi-Lift, Inc. Appoints Dean Wedekind as Technical Sales Specialist

Dean Wedekind was recently hired as a Technical Sales Specialist for Maxi-Lift, Inc.

Dean graduated with a BA in Agricultural Education from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, NE.

Dean’s work experience includes 12 years in sales and management roles for EBM Corporations in Norfolk NE.

During that time, he provided customer service and on-site help for customers that needed repair parts and new equipment.

He was hired by DXP Enterprises in Houston, TX to open and manage a new branch office in Logan, UT.

As Branch Manager for DXP he provided power transmission parts and bulk handling equipment to customers in Utah and Idaho.

Dean’s professional sales experience includes 7 years as a Sales Representative for Schlagel Inc. in Cambridge, MN.

Dean’s work and sales experience has allowed him to visit many facilities in numerous states that handle grain, feed, seed, aggregate and other bulk products.

He’s joining the outside sales team and is looking forward to traveling and meeting more customers on behalf of Maxi-Lift, Inc.

“Dean is a fantastic addition to our team.

"He will play a key role moving forward as we develop stronger relationships with the OEM and millwright markets.

"Dean’s deep knowledge and understanding of the needs of a millwright and OEM will allow Maxi-Lift to continue developing new products and service packages to best service these important markets.” Matt Hanson, Maxi-Lift Inc. - Vice President of Business Development

For more information, please contact Angela Rutledge at 800-527-0657.