Panama Canal Approves Toll Structure Modifications

This article has been reprinted from the USDA Sept. 19 Grain Transportation Report.

Subsequent to the public hearing held on July 24, 2019 on the proposed toll structure modifications (August 15, 2019 Grain Transportation Report) and implementation of some of the suggested comments, the Cabinet Council of the Republic of Panama officially approved modifications to the Canal toll structure on September 3.

The new structure modifies the tolls charged to Neopanamax dry bulk vessels carrying iron ore, Neopanamax dry bulk vessels transiting in ballast, and the liquid bulk segment (including oil and product tankers, chemical tankers, liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas vessels).

The modifications also include a 20-footequivalent-unit tariff applicable to non-container vessels carrying containers on deck and a revised toll structure for small vessels.

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